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The NID Lumber Company

Source: Negros Yearbook 1938

One of the effects of sugar limitations on the sugar barons of Negros Occidental was to invest in other fields of endeavor. While other Negrenses diversified their crops or went to mining, the Gatuslaos and the Sians had the vision to foresee the bright possibilities of the lumber industry. The result was the organization of the Carabalan Lumber Company or the NID which is one of the biggest lumber enterprises in Negros.

The NID was incorporated in October of 1936 with an authorized capital of P200,000 and the following were the founders:

  • Don Miguel Gatuslao
  • Don Valeriano gatuslao
  • Don Jose Gatuslao
  • Don Leonidas Gatuslao
  • Don Serafin Gatuslao
  • Don Jose M. Sian
  • Don Cescenciano M. Sian
  • Don Virgilio M. Sian
  • Don Benjamin M. Sian
  • Don Aurelio Estiller

The government granted to the company a 30-year lease embracing 52,000 hectares of rich forest lands of Binalbagan, HImamaylan, and Kabankalan. The mill started operation in May of the same year and since then has made so rapid a progress that in 1938 or less than two years after its erection the assets are now conservatively estimated at P600,000.

The NID specializes in South Negros red and white (rough or planed) lumber. It is considered as one of the country’s best lumber manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of Philippine hardwoods.

The Gatuslao-Sian project has contributed to the solution of the Negros Occidental unemployment problem. At present the company’s payroll handled over 600 employess and laborers.

The mill and office is located at Carabalan, Himamaylan, Negros Occidental and the administration is headed by Hon. Valeriano Gatuslao and Don Miguel M. Gatuslao, President and Vice-President respectively, of the NID Lumber Co.


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