2 responses to “Billones: No Science Fiction

  1. rltjs

    I have the impression that Negros planters either lack balls when it came to protecting the interests of the industry, or they just love to be exploited. What have the representatives they sent in congress been doing for them ever since?

    • gatuslaoofhimamaylan

      In essence, the sugar bloc did protect Negrense (ergo Sugar) interests in the pre-Marcos House of Representatives when they coalesced with Representatives from other sugar producing provinces (Tarlac, Iloilo, Pampanga, etc.) to effect policy, the disbursement of funds and infrastructure development. Post-Marcos Negrense representatives, however, have been saddled by infighting and the inability to unite because the traditional power structure in the province had been usurped by candidates backed by the Big Boss.

      Negros has always been a collection of municipal autocracies – delineated by the sugar baronies that dot the island. The autocrats negotiated among themselves in Bacolod and Manila, and that process of negotiation produced a consensus that became policy. So the Ledesmas of San Carlos, the Gustilos of Cadiz, the Montelibanos of Bacolod, the Yulos, Gatuslaos and Montillas of the deep South and other large families – they all got themselves all their allies elected to both the Provincial Board, House of Representatives and even the Senate. And they arrived at policy in that manner.

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