Leadership Profile: Don Serafin Gatuslao

Source: Negros Yearbook 1938

A little over three scores ago, in the municipality of Murcia, was born Don Serafin Gatuslao, who eventually was to plant the seeds of a distinguished family that has since then become on of the wealthiest and most powerful families of Negros Occidental. More than the pomp of wealth and power, however, is the glory that comes hand in hand to a successful father.

Don Serafin studied in the “Instituto de Don Manuel Locsin” in Molo, Iloilo; and later in the “Instituto de Don Pedro Perez” in Jaro. He stayed in Iloilo until he had finished the highest courses the schools there could offer, after which he returned to Negros to help his parents in the pursuit of agriculture. It was then that love crossed his path when he met lovely Julita Monton, whom he married in 1897. It was out of this union that the present political and industrial dynasty of the Gatuslaos emerged.

After the American regime became firmly established in Negros, Don Serafin Gatuslao,  was elected Himamaylan’s firt president. In the performance of his duties as Municipal President, Don Serafin won the respect and admiration of his people and of the foreigners. However, politics was not for him for agriculture was in his blood. For this reason he could not be prevailed upon for another term of office.

Don Serafine is the successful father of the following childred: Governor Valeriano Gatuslao; Mayor Agustin Gatuslao; Don Miguel Gatuslao; and Don Jose Hernando Gatuslao. Don Serafin is one of the men who helped to build Negros Occidental to what she is today, the premier province of the Philippines.


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