Gatuslao thanks mayors

Special to the Manila Times

BACOLOD CITY, Nov. 21, 1961 – Congressman-elect Agustin M. Gatuslao of the third distrcit of Negros Occidental thanked recently the 11 Nacionalista municipal mayors for their wholehearted support for him during the pre-campaign and during the last ballotings which gave him a comfortable margin over his closest rival LP bet Jacinto Montilla.

Gatsualo, younger brother of Gov. Valeriano Gatuslao, thanked the electorate for reiterating their vote of confidence in him in last Tuesday’s elections.

He said he would continue his unfinished projects in the district which he had already started during his first and second terms in Congress.

This time, he said, it would be his third term which will be dedicated to improvements of the irrigation system, fishin and cocounut industry and the feeder roads be given more emphasis.

Gatuslao said he would also give priority in constructing more asphalt roads and concrete bridges particularly in the soutern town sot hat ambulat traders and transportation businesses would not hamper their daily schedule during rainy season.

Ilog, Cauayan, Inayauan, Sipalay and Hinobaan towns are always flooding during rainy days, Gatuslao said.

These towns are along the shoreline and its wharf should be improved. -PR


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