Leadership Profile: Mayor Agustin Gatuslao

Source: Negros Yearbook 1938

The Mayor of Himamaylan belongs to one of the most prominent families of Negros Occidental. The elder Gatuslao, Don Serafin, has sired a clan which has distinguished itself in sugar, lumber and political circles. The incumbent governor is Don Valeriano Gatuslao. The outstanding lumber magnates of the province, concentrated within a family, are also the Gatuslaos. Possessing the right heritage and background, the YEARBOOK has wonderful expectation of Don Agustin, actual Mayor of Himamaylan.

Don Agustin has a brigh political future.

However, to Mayor Gatuslao politics has no definite charms. Yonder, Carabalan calls irresistibly. It is the primeval urge of Man to commune with Nature. More than that it is also the modern urge of Man to mould Nature to a fixed pattern set to the tempo of ever-changing conditions. Rich virgin forests nestle the Carabalan Mts. Timber worth millions of pesos. To forsake this fortune for a political career is the problem of the smart and loved Mayor of Himamaylan.

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