Leadership Profile: Hon. Valeriano Gatuslao

Source: Negros Yearbook 1938

The political career of the incumbent governor of the premier province of the Philippines, Hon. Valeriano Gatuslao of Negros Occidental, is one that any public man can well be proud of. Governor Gatuslao is ranked among the country’s best provincial executives. His success becomes more impressive when it is recalled that he started his career in politics barely seven years ago. In 1931m he was just a councilor for the municipality of Murcia. However, his record as a town legislator impressed the province that three years later he was elected to the provincial board. On the death of Governor Gaston, Board Member Gatuslao was appointed Governor for the rest of the term of office.

It was during his incumbency as Governor, that Hon. Gatuslao proved his true worth. He can hold the office of governor as long as he desired because he has endeared himself to the electorate. His political leadership of the province is indisputable.

Governor Gatuslao was born 39 years ago in Himamaylan, the son of Don Serafin Gatuslao and Doña Julita Monton de Gatuslao. Don Valing obtained his college education in the University of Sto. Tomas where he was graduated with the degrees of Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Laws.

Don Valing, the handsome and popular sportsman and hacendero, is a former president of the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Company. His interests extend beyond sugar for the Gatuslaos are among the lumber magnates of the Philippines.

Governor Gatuslao belongs to the Nationalist party. He is one of the most loyal followers of President Quezon. He is married but childless.

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