Himamaylan under the Commonwealth

Source: Negros Yearbook 1938

The Municipality of Himamaylan

GEOGRAPHY – The town of Himamaylan is approximately 80 kilometers south of the City of Bacolod. Its area is 22,803 Ha. and the estimated population for 1938 is 28,357. The Aguisan Peninsula provides Himamaylan with a navigable bay. However, despite its natural harbor, the locality lost much of its importance as a shopping center because it was too far south to be conveniently accessible to the inhabitants of the northern part of Negros Occidental. 

HISTORY – Himamaylan was perhaps the first provincial capital of the province. It is one of the oldest towns in Negros Occidental having been organized in 1748. The name of the locality is derived from “Hay himay babaylan” which literally means, “there is fatige and fanaticism in the town.” This commentary of the Spaniards who named the town of Himamaylan indicates that the pueblo was the seat of radical activities. In fact, the immediate cause of the transfer of the capital from Himamaylan to Bacolod was the assassination of the pueblo’s Alcalde, Don Juan Nepomuceno de Cordova. During the closing years of the Spanish era and the beginning of the American regime, Papa Isio and Capitan Macario Sido, brough chaos to the municipality in view of their bandit activities.

The notable personalities in the town’s history are Pedro G. Vasquez, Serafin Gatuslao, Rafael Ramos, Atanacio Abkilan, Jose Ramos, Juan Segovia, Agustin S. Ramos, Paulino Vallega, Gregorio Segovia, Francisco T. Ramos, Timotea B. Ramos and Agustin M. Gatuslao.

ECONOMIC SURVEY – Sugar rice and coconuts are the principal products of Himamaylan. The total value of assessed realy property is P2,749,540. The total income of the municipality is P66,470.24 for the preceeding year. The general Fund is P26,344.99; School Fund, P26,047.73; Puericulture Center Fund, P1,744.31 and the Provincial Fund (including Road and Bridge Fund) is P12,633.21.

The municipality has an average annual birth rate of 354 comapred to 282 deaths. The marriages registered annually has an average of 179. The total electors registered are: Male. 2,989 and Female, 1,312.


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